Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEW - ServicePacs for Storage

Remote Technical Support Options (1,3,4 or 5 year terms)

Migration ServicePac (2TB to 10TB with 10-40 servers)

Data Centre Health Check ServicePac

What does Storage base warranty include?

Storage base warranty covers hardware break-fix only
Storage base warranty does not cover any installation or "how-to" configuration support

Why buy Storage ServicePacs for Remote Technical Support?
If a customer is new to IBM storage:

*Need help with Storage Manager? - Free up your FTSS's time for skills transfer!!!
*Got questions how to update firmware?
*How to configure your DS storage system? How to set up LUNs?

Help customer's IT staff support heterogeneous environment:

*Customer might have multiple vendor storage products on site (ie, IBM, EMC, HP), but are they equally knowledgeable/ comfortable configuring IBM systems?
*Are IT staff equally knowledgeable/ comfortable configuring different types of fibre switches IBM sells? (ie, Brocade, McData)

IBM can help when customer's in-house support team is on vacation or education, away sick, etcIBM can help with new products when customer's in-house support team has not had a chance to build their skills. Eliminate support complexity and provide faster resolution of support issues to help keep customer's businesses running optimally

Buy Storage ServicePacs for Remote Technical Support, and customer gets:Remote assistance via phone or internet.

Assistance with:
*installation, usage (how-to), and configuration questions
*questions regarding IBM Supported Product publications
*code related questions (ie, defect support)
*diagnostic information review to isolate problem cause
*corrective service information and program fixes

Support coverage hours:

*Unlimited calls and callers
*Critical problems (severity 1) -- 24x7 -- 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including statutory holidays
*Noncritical problems (severity 2,3,4) -- 9x5 -- 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the local time zone where you receive the Service, Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).

Why buy IBM Support?

*Leverage IBM’s knowledge, experience, and insight. Access the deep skills of our team locally and globally.

*Over 350 remote support specialists in 3 Remote Support Centers (RSC) across Canada.
*3 Levels of support
*Level 1 / Level 2 support from RSC in Canada
*Access to global teams for L3 supportSpeed problem resolution vs. clients trying to solve it on their own

Prevent outages from happening by configuring things right the first time and have a Single Point of Contact and accountability.

Migration ServicePac options

46V4994 IBM Migration Svcs-2TB/10 Svrs
46V4995 IBM Migration Svcs-5TB/20 Svrs
46V4996 IBM Migration Svcs-10TB/40 Svrs

Service description: Migration ServicePac offerings are designed to help you plan and migrate your data and applications from various platforms using a Softek data mobility tool. This tool is designed to replicate your data to an IBM TotalStorage product without major interruption of your operations. At the conclusion of the service, you will be provided with a migration control book that describes the activities performed during the service. This ServicePac offering will perform data migration services for:

Up to 2 TB of data from 10 servers
Up to 5 TB of data from 20 servers
Up to 10 TB of data from 40 servers

Data centre health check ServicePac options

46V4997 DC Health Chk Svc (SM)
46V4998 DC Health Chk Svc (LG)
46V4999 Energy Health Chk 5Ksf
46V5000 Energy Health Chk 10Ksf

Service description:

Data centre health check ServicePac offerings are designed to give you an energy efficiency evaluations focusing on the energy usage of your data centre infrastructure as well as reviewing the general health of your facility. Your IT equipment (servers, storage and networking equipment) is viewed as a "block of electrical load" that is supported by the mechanical and electrical infrastructure of the facility. The evaluation determines the required energy and evaluates efficient use by the mechanical, electrical and other building systems that support the IT load. The service includes the ability to:

Review your computer room to establish current status with regard to IBM computer room best practices

Perform an onsite review of your architectural, electrical, mechanical, environmental, fire and ecurity systems

Provide a summary glance chart of findings

Provide supporting documentation identifying findings

Provide recommendations and suggestions for remedial action that may be required

Identify potential next step

Call or Email your IBM TEAM @ Tech Data for more details: 877-925-9983 / ibmsolutions@techdata.ca

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