Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Solution - DS4700 - 1.2G Solution Offering

DS4700 Solution Offering

IBM DS4700 Disk System

High capacity and high performance for

today’s on demand business environment

DS4700 - superior SAN storage for Windows, VMware, Linux, NetWare, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris environments

1.2TB Raw Capacity Configuration

Included in this promotion are:

Qty 1 x 181470H – DS4700 Express (includes Windows

Attach Kit, 2 Partition Support, Qty

4 4Gb/s SFP Tranceivers & Rack Kit

Qty 4 x 42D0410 - 300GB Hot-swap 15K FC E-DDM

Qty 2 x 39R6527 – 4Gb/s Dual Port PCIe FC HBA

Qty 4 x 39M5697 - 5M Fiber Optic Cable

Hit the link and get an editable PDF file where you can add your price, your information and send the file out to your clients.

INTERNAL TD - huron/sales/ibm/Promo ibm/Q109/Bundles x/DS4700x

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