Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simple Math that HP and Dell cannot solve

2+2 = Investment protection

Simple math that HP and Dell cannot solve

Meeting today’s budget while planning for tomorrow’s growth can be difficult. With the new IBM BladeCenter® LS42 blade server and IBM’s 2+2 pricing program, IBM offers an affordable, scalable 2-processor LS42 blade server that you can easily upgrade to four processors as your business grows without paying a premium—simple blade expansion with investment protection no competitor can match.

Performance you can count on
The new BladeCenter LS42 blade server features the latest quad-core AMD Opteron processors for industry-leading performance. Supporting high memory capacity 16 DIMM slots and memory speeds up to 800MHz, the LS42 blade server can help drive your most demanding memory-intensive workloads such as virtualization, databases and high performance computing (HPC) applications.

Energy efficiency to help your bottom lineThe LS42 blade server offers an energy-efficient design along with low-voltage processors, integrated memory controller and available solid-state drives to help keep power consumption down and reduce cooling demands in your data center.

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