Tuesday, December 23, 2008

IBM can help in a challenging economy

Thrive... don't just survive

IBM can help in a challenging economy.
Feeling the challenge of the current economy? You are not alone if you are taking a fresh look at the state of your business and considering strategic changes.
You may want to reduce your operating expenses or simply be certain you're getting the most out of your IT infrastructure. Or you might decide it's time to take advantage of your rival's weaknesses and grab a competitive advantage. Whatever your challenges, IBM can help you with strategies for managing your business in these uncertain times.

IBM offers solutions designed to simplify and optimize your infrastructure to meet your business goals. We have energy efficient technologies to help you cut costs. We offer collaboration tools to connect your employees, suppliers and partners and help them be more productive. And with decades of real business experience in good times and bad, IBM knows how to build solutions that can help your business succeed today and into the future.
IBM also offers financing options to help you implement your solution now and still meet your budget challenges. IBM Global Financing can help with:
Competitive low financing rates
Certified used PCs, IBM systems, upgrades and features at a fraction of the price of new

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