Monday, March 30, 2009

NEW - Blade HS22 - IN STOCK @ TD - April 1st!

Tech Data will have inventory of the NEW HS22 BLADE SERVER
on APRIL 1st!
Be one of the first to sell this great new BLADE product from IBM.
Get your quotes and orders in as I am sure the product will be moving out the door quickly.

7870A2U19390PHS22 QC E5 2.13Ghz 800
7870B3U19391PHS22 QC E5 2.4Ghz 1066
7870B4U19392PHS22 QC E5 2.53Ghz 1066
7870C3U19393PHS22 QC X5 2.8Ghz 1333
7870C4U19394PHS22 QC X5 2.93Ghz 1333
7870CCU19395PHS22 QC E5 2.0Ghz 800
7870D2U19396PHS22 DC E5 1.86Ghz 800
7870L2U19397PHS22 QC L5 2.26Ghz 1066
7870EBU19398PHS22 QC 2.4Ghz EXPRESS
7870EDU19399PHS22 DL 1.86Ghz EXPRESS

The IBM® BladeCenter HS22 offers great performance balanced with flexible configuration options and simple management in an efficient server designed to run a broad range of workloads exceptionally well.


  • Feature-rich design enables HS22 to run to a broad range of workloads including infrastructure, virtualization, and enterprise applications
  • Extensive choice of processors, memory, internal storage and I/O options allows flexible configurations
  • Supported across all BladeCenter enterprise and office chassis

Easy to use:

  • Two hot-swap storage bays support SAS, SATA, and solid state drives, enabling drives to be removed easily for quick replacement
  • Future optional embedded hypervisor enables "instant virtualization"
  • Integrated Management Module provides remote supervision and cKVM functions as standard
  • Light Path Diagnostic and Predictive Failure Analysis® enables quick serviceability and maintenance

Performance optimized:

  • Up to two next-generation Intel Xeon 5500 series processors
  • High memory capacity with 12 DDR-3 VLP memory DIMM slots capable of running fast memory up to 1333 MHz
  • High speed I/O on the blade supports up to 40 GbE to each blade and up to a total of eight ports of I/O per blade

Power and cooling optimized:

  • Optional low-power processor, solid-state drives, and low power memory DIMMs
  • Support for the energy-efficient BladeCenter E chassis
  • Support for IBM System Director Active Energy Manager to monitor and cap power consumption
  • Innovative component layout and blade design helps keep the blade up and running even under demanding conditions

BladeCenter® HS22 blade servers revolutionize the economics of application server deployment with versatility, ease of use, performance, and energy efficiency.

These new server models include:

  • Single-wide (30 mm), high-performance blade servers
  • Up to two Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology and Intel HT Technology
  • Up to 12 DDR-3 very low-profile memory DIMM slots
  • Standard models with high-speed PC3-10600 1333 MHz high-performance double data rate (DDR3) ECC memory; maximum system memory 96 GB1
  • Broadcom 5709S dual Gigabit Ethernet connections with failover support
  • Models with integrated dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections also available
  • Support for additional Ethernet, SAS, Fibre Channel, and Infiniband expansion cards and a total of eight I/O ports per blade
  • Support for up to two hot-swap SFF SAS, SATA or solid state drives with RAID 0 and 1 standard
  • Support for optional RAID 5 controller with battery-backed write-back cache
  • Internal standard USB 2.0 port for future optional embedded hypervisor
  • Integrated Management Module for remote supervision with concurrent keyboard, video, and mouse (cKVM) standard
  • Next-generation BIOS, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
  • Added security with a Trusted Platform Module chip standard

1 Using 8 GB DIMMs.

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