Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NOTICE - URGENT Servers & Options with NO MORE SUPPLY @ IBM

The following products have moved to NO SUPPLY with EOL dates in the future. The issue is around supply of key parts for the Servers and no supply of 160G drives left.

No further supply on 3850/3950 M2 - 7141xxx - moving to 3850/3950 M2 - 7233xxx

No further supply on 160GB SATA drives, transition to 250GB SATA
39M4504 - 160G moved to 39M4508 - 250GB
43W7590 - 160G Express moved to 43W7594 - 250GB
39M4522 - 160G moving to 39M4526 - 250G
41Y8208 - 160G HS moving to 43W7598 - 250G HS

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