Friday, September 26, 2008


BladeCenter Implementation

Implement one BladeCenter chassis, up to two BladeCenter ethernet switch modules, up to two BladeCenter fiber channel SAN switch modules, and up to 14 blade servers. Update BIOS and firmware as required. Install a supported Microsoft operating system or a supported Linux operating system and configure basic networking. Test and verify the operation of the BladeCenter.

  • Attach in configs that include BladeCenter with HS or LS blades.
  • Does not include switch module configuration (ie. VLANs, zoning, etc…)
  • If bundled with DS3K/DS4K, will configure boot-from-SAN

41E8856 - LIST $4,500

VMware ESX Server Implementation

Implement VMware ESX server on one supported system. Install and configure VMware ESX server to support up to four virtual machines within a single supported system. Test and verify the operation of VMware ESX sServer and virtual machines and provide up to two personnel with four hours of basic skills instruction.

  • Does not include VirtualCenter implementation

45T5913 - LIST $5,500

GTS onsite Implementation Services for System x

IBM will provide a service System x specialist at your site for one eight-hour day to perform mutually agreed-to tasks that may include any of the following: planning, installation, configuration assistance and training.

  • Max quantity 3 per order, otherwise custom SOW required
  • Example: Provide onsite troubleshooting assistance
  • Example: Install/Upgade BladeCenter with new/additional switch modules
  • Contact Steve Karan for more examples and to determine appropriate quantity

44J7699 - LIST $2,000/day

DS3000 Implementation

Install one (1) disk system controller and up to three (3) storage units. Install Storage Manager on one (1) server. Install IBM host agent software on up to two (2) hosts. Test and verify the operation of the System Storage disk system and provide up to two (2) of your designated personnel with two (2) hours of basic skills instruction.

  • Including unpacking, racking, cabling, and testing
  • Includes SAN planning, array/LUN configuration, and host attachment

51J9787 - $3,400

IBM Director Implementation

Implement IBM Director with one management server and up to two managed systems. Install and configure IBM Director Server on one supported system and IBM Director Agent and IBM Director Console for up to two supported systems. Test and verify the operation of IBM Director and provide up to two personnel with four hours of basic skills instruction.

  • Includes only 2 agents
  • Does not include any extensions (SDPE, RDM, VMM, etc…)
  • Basic skills transfer and alerting, not turnkey solution

45T5912 - LIST $5,500

These are just a few of the IMPLEMENTATION ServicePac's that are available from IBM. Others include Tower, Rack-Mount Servers, operating system, DS4700 standard and comprehensive along with GTS onsite implementation services for Storage.

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