Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NEW - ServeRAID-MR10is VAULT SAS/SATA Controller offers a high-performance SAS and SATA host bus adapter for direct attach storage

IBM Canada Ltd. Hardware Announcement A08-0996
August 26, 2008

ServeRAID-MR10is VAULT is a RAID controller with built-in crypto engine to encrypt data written to the hard drives. With an easy to use GUI it simplifies the complexity of key management, setup and configuration.

This leading edge implementation helps lower the total cost of securing stored data. This controller benefits the following usage scenarios:

  • Robust protection against theft of sensitive data on stolen harddrives
    • In an unsecure physical environment
    • From insiders in a secure location
  • Lowered cost of drive disposal or redeployment by making the stored data more difficult to access
  • Enhanced encryption security and performance over software encryption solutions

Sensitive data can include patient records in medical offices, hospitals, and insurance companies, credit card or transaction data at retail stores, restaurants, and so on, bank records, personnel records, intellectual property, financial records and others.

ServeRAID-MR10is VAULT SAS/SATA Controller is a PCIe RAID controller with stored data encryption for Internal System RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60. This full height, half length adapter utilizes an LSI 1078DE controller with an x8 PCI Express host interface, eight internal SAS/SATA II 3 Gb/s ports and battery backed 256 MB 72 bit ECC DDR2 cache. MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM), included with ServeRAID-MR10is, is a robust RAID and encryption management, configuration, and reporting application. The included battery enhances the ServeRAID-MR10is controller's performance by allowing data written to disk to be cached in battery- backed high-speed memory. The battery provides protection of cached data during an unexpected power outage.

The ServeRAID-MR10 VAULT SAS/SATA PCIe Controllers are covered by a one-year, limited warranty. Batteries are consumables; therefore, batteries are not covered under this warranty.

Features, functions, and benefits include:

  • PCIe x8 bus
  • RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60
  • Stored data encryption
  • Fixed 256 MB 72-bit BBU DDR2 cache memory
  • Up to 72 hours cache backup with battery standard
  • 2 x4 internal mini-SAS SFF-8087 connectors
  • Up to 3 Gb/second of performance throughput for each port
  • LSI 1078DE controller
  • Global hot spare and rebuild
  • Supported utilities: MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM), IBM Director, Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA), Command Line Interface (CLI), and flash drive
  • Support on x3200 M2, x3250 M2, x3350, x3400, x3500, x3650, x3655, x3850 M2, and x3950 M2 servers

Planned availability date

September 12, 2008

ServeRAID-MR10is VAULT SAS/SATA RAID Controller (44E8695)

Technical information

Performance specifications

  • Functions as a HDD RAID controller
  • RAID levels: 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60
  • Up to 3 GB/second of performance throughput for each port
  • LSI1078DE controller
  • Global hot spare and rebuild and Restore functions
  • 2 x4 internal mini-SAS SFF-8087 connector
  • Stored data encryption
  • Fixed 256 MB 72-bit BBU DDR2 cache memory
  • Up to 72 hours cache backup with battery standard
  • PCIe x8 bus

Hardware requirements

The 44E8695 is supported on the following IBM platforms:

System name x3200 M2 Machine type 4367 Model All

4368 All

x3250 M2 4190 All

4191 All

4194 All

x3350 4192 All

4193 All

x3400 7975 All

7976 All

x3500 7977 All

x3650 7979 All

x3655 7985 All

x3850 M2 8864 All

x3950 M2 7141 All

Shipment group

  • ServRAID MR10is controller
  • SAS cable
  • Quick install
  • Battery
  • Remote battery cable
  • HDD ID label
  • Safety flyer

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