Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LEARNING - IBM Top Gun Virtual Learning

Do you need high quality, role based, live interactive sales education? Is travel an issue? Then TOP GUN Virtual Learning (TGVL) may be just what you need! The TOP GUN team has completely re-architected the well-known, face-to-face TOP GUN classes to adapt to the virtual environment!! Come see how this innovative team can teach you the latest concerning brands, products, strategies, competition and value through the new Fundamentals, Foundation and Value based classes. All classes will be offered via a high quality, virtual classroom delivery by the end of 1Q09. Additionally, they will be available via edited replay only 2 weeks after the live class date in the same high-energy, tested environment. The first classes begin as early as the week of January 12, 2009 so look out for a class that is perfect to support your sales role at IBM or your IBM business partner firm. TOP GUN classes are designed for people new to their sales roles and those who want to hone those selling skills to drive additional revenue quickly at the beginning of the year!

Top Gun Virtual Learning classes are delivered via the internet and all you need to do is enroll in the class(s) and then have access to a high speed internet connection. Each class will range from one to five days with a day being roughly 4 hours of learning. As you know in the face-to-face classes we will provide you with interactive training from expert class managers and instructors as you collaborate with other students from around the world!!!

For more information on TOP GUN Virtual Learning simply click the STG and SWG links below.

TOP GUN Virtual Learning

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