Monday, January 19, 2009

NEW - RDX BACK UP - Removable Cartridge USB Drives

A09-0023 - New RDX removable cartridge USB Drives for BACK UP


The new IBM® RDX removable disk backup solution features include:
  • Affordable capacity: 160 GB, 320 GB, and 500 GB disk cartridges1.
  • Simplicity: With only the native OS, RDX provides random access to data and the convenience of drag and drop functionality through persistent drive letter access. It can also be addressed like traditional removable tape media, when used in conjunction with any of the supported backup applications.
  • Flexibility: Internal and external RDX installation alternatives.
  • Plug-and-Play connectivity: USB 2.0 interface for increased ease of use.
  • Inexpensive performance: USB sustained transfer rate of up to 25 MB/s.
  • Portability and durability: RDX Disk Cartridges are shock-resistant, rugged, and removable for transporting safely offsite.
  • Investment protection: Carrier will support next-generation capacities of cartridges.
  • Effortless ordering: Internal and external single cartridge bundles by capacity, additional cartridges can be ordered separately.
  • Powerful and intuitive backup application: Standard Yosemite Backup Basic with Disaster Recovery.
  • Secure: Cartridges can be password protected and software encrypted for extra security.

Planned availability date: January 30, 2009

Description number

IBM RDX 160 GB External USB Drive 362516X
IBM RDX 320 GB External USB Drive 362532X
IBM RDX 500 GB External USB Drive 362550X

Options SEOs

IBM RDX 160 GB Internal USB Drive 46C5364
IBM RDX 320 GB Internal USB Drive 46C5387
IBM RDX 500 GB Internal USB Drive 46C5388
IBM RDX 160 GB Cartridge 46C5366
IBM RDX 320 GB Cartridge 46C5367
IBM RDX 500 GB Cartridge 46C5368

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