Thursday, January 8, 2009

NOTICE - DS4300 Upgrade Licenses - ENDING

Did you sell the DS4300, do you have customers that have DS4300?
Last CALL to upgrade your clients
Currently you can add shelves (EXP810) to DS4300 units, but did you know you need a DS4300 EXP License. If your clients wants to add partitions, they may need to add additional licenses. These licenses can be ordered from Tech Data and IBM on a exception basis, but only till end of March 09.
You have to talk to your clients, find out their storage plans for the year and get them thinking about making the necessary purchases before the end of March. Even if they do not purchase the EXP810 or Drives as these will be available, they will need to get the licenses required before the end of March.
DEADLINE: March 31st 2009
For list of part numbers and process please use one of the links below:
INTERNAL Tech Data Directory:
sales\ibm\Blog - Data\20081211 DS4300 License Listing - Ordering Process.xls
(This is an exception process and must be approved by IBM before product can be ordered - Not all products may be available for the full time period)

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