Monday, October 6, 2008

LEARNING - Protecting Microsoft Exchange Servers with IBM System Storage DS3000 series

DS3000 performance is well-suited for demanding Microsoft Exchange transaction-oriented workloads. Extend the proven functionality and value of protecting your Exchange data and meeting day-to-day backup and recovery challenges with DPM 2007.

· Extend the proven functionality and value of DPM 2007 by integrating IBM’s array-based Copy Services to further reduce Exchange backup & recovery times

· Address day-to-day backup and recovery challenges by implementing the cost-effective IBM System Storage™ DS3000 series with DPM 2007

· Near-continuous data protection eliminates backup window restrictions while providing simple administration through wizards and task-driven menus

In today’s competitive global business environment, email has emerged as one of the most critical business applications required for success. Email is used both internally and externally to conduct business, frequently in a 24x7 environ­ment. When email is not available, business can virtually come to a halt.

Keeping email available around the clock is now a critical priority for many busi­nesses. Downtime cannot be tolerated for more than a few minutes, if at all. It is no longer sufficient just to shorten backup windows for email—recovery win­dows must be reduced as well.

But keeping email highly available is only one consideration. At some time or another, a recovery scenario may be required, ranging from low-impact — i.e. a user deleted an email or file that is needed, to catastrophic — i.e. a bare-metal recovery is needed. Thus another, equally important goal is the ability to recover data not only accurately, but in a manner that minimizes downtime. Recovery time can be one of the largest contributors to the duration of the overall out­age. Thus, the ability to recover/restore data is quickly becoming a requirement, instead of just a ‘nice to have’.


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