Friday, October 31, 2008

NEW - ServeRAID MR10ie (CIOv) Controller

IBM ServeRAID MR10ie (CIOv) Controller offers a high-performance BladeCenter host bus for attachment of up to 26 HDDs (on board and external)


ServeRAIDtm MR10ie (CIOv) Controller for IBM® BladeCenter®
The ServeRAID-MR10ie Controller is a high-performance PCIe RAID Controller expansion card for BladeCenter for on-board and external Direct Attached Storage RAID 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60. This expansion card form factor (CIOv) with battery backed memory cache, utilizes an LSI 1078 controller for support with up to 26 disk drives. Option includes battery backup module (BBU) that installs in Blade Server DIMM socket. IBM's Storage Configuration Manager (SCM) software application is available for RAID management, configuration, and reporting with ServeRAID MR10ie (CIOv) Controller. This controller is ideal for supporting server and workgroup applications where high levels of sustained read and write operations are required.

Battery for ServeRAID-MR10ie (CIOv) Controller (46M0800)
The replacement battery unit replaces the ServeRAID MR10ie controller battery (43W3299) for maintenance.

Advanced Management Module
The Advanced Management Module (AMM) version 2.46 provides a brand new GUI experience for the clients. The new look and feel simplifies the management experience.

Planned Availability: November 28, 2008

ServeRAID MR10ie (CIOv) Controller
for IBM BladeCenter

Battery for ServeRAID-MR10ie (CIOv) Controller

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