Monday, October 6, 2008

NEWS - Blade S with NORTAL Switching

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This October is IBM's BladeCenter S Celebration! This product will likely receive even more attention and excitement with some of its recent additional capabilities around shared storage and redundant Ethernet, plus the great portfolio of blades (Intel, AMD & Power). As you go out and start sharing this wonderful news with your clients I would like to remind you that integrated switches provide exceptional value and the BLADE Network Technologies portfolio of Nortel switches give you significant advantages:

  1. The Nortel Layer 2/3 ESM
    • Up to 45% less than HP and Dell Cisco offerings
    • Enterprise-class Layer 3 functionality standard
    • Great for Virtualization with no oversubscription!
  2. The Nortel Layer 2-7 ESM
  3. The Nortel 1/10Gb ESM
    • True investment protection & future proofing with support for both 1G and 10G ports.
    • Less than a 1G only HP Cisco 3120G and up to 66% less than the HP Cisco 3120X (10G) with Enterprise Layer 3.
    • Excellent for those environments wanting maximum I/O bandwidth (Virtualization, Digital Surveillance, Finance Analytics, medical imaging and many others)

KEY: Remember that there are many larger companies out there that have either departmental or distributed requirements where IBM BladeCenter S is an excellent fit and BLADE Network Technologies can address their networking requirements better than anyone else.

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Mike Easterly

Director, Global Field Marketing (IBM Alliance)

BLADE Network Technologies

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