Friday, October 31, 2008


New IBM System Storage DS3000 licensed software and disk drive options - AVAILABLE TODAY

IBM® has enhanced the functionality of the System Storagetm DS3000 series entry storage family by adding support for RAID 6, expanding the number of storage partitions, increasing the number of FlashCopies per volume, adding support for a higher-capacity SAS disk drive, and introducing Solaris server support and other enhancements.

    • RAID 6 support
        • DS3000 controllers employ high-performance, hardware-enabled RAID 6 support. RAID 6 technology is designed to provide improved data protection against multiple disk drive failure.
    • Expanded storage partitions
        • The number of storage partitions supported by the DS3000 has been expanded up to 32 partitions. This enables DS3000 controllers to provide isolated data storage for a larger number of host servers.
    • Increased number of FlashCopies
        • The number of FlashCopies per volume on DS3000 controllers has been expanded to eight. This allows more frequent data backups and increased data protection.
    • 450 GB/15,000 rpm Hot-Swap SAS HDD option
        • Support for a new 450 GB/15K SAS disk drive has been added. This increases the total amount of high-performance storage capacity available to servers and applications.
    • DS3000 Solaris Host License
        • The DS3000 series now includes host support for Sun Solaris on Intel® and SPARC servers. This new option gives small and medium-sized businesses a new low-cost storage alternative.

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DS3000 Solaris Host License


DS3000 8 Partition License


DS3000 32 Partition License


DS3000 8 to 16 Partition Upgrade License


DS3000 8 to 32 Partition Upgrade License


DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion Plus License


DS3000 16 to 32 Partition Upgrade License

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