Friday, October 17, 2008

NEW - IBM Software Support ServicePac for System x

Extend business Capabilities or Compliment them

Increase Revenue and Profit


Single-source remote technical support for your software operational needs

Your IT environment is critical to your operations, so when there is a problem — whether the source is hardware or software — your IT administrators need quality help, fast. Software Support ServicePac for System x from IBM can provide a single, comprehensive resource to solve common issues with operating systems, popular productivity applications software, virtualization software and System x servers. These remotely delivered services feature the world-class support capabilities of IBM and the varied expertise of our global network of support professionals.


Toll-free access to live technical experts.

Unlimited calls and unlimited callers.

Fast, precise answers and problem resolution

Hardware, software and services support from a single source.

IBM Software Support ServicePacs for System x are available in five offerings:

· Software ServicePac for System x Director

· Software ServicePac for System x Vmware

· Software ServicePac for System x Essential

· Software ServicePac for System x Essential Plus

· Software ServicePac for System x How-To

· IBM Software Support ServicePac for System x Director, VMware, Essential, and Essential Plus provide assistance with:

· Installation, configuration, and usability (“how to”) questions.

· Product compatibility and interoperability questions.

· Interpretation of product documentation.

· Isolating the problem cause through a diagnostic information review.

· IBM and other vendor database searches.

· Planning of software fixes.

· Software defect support.

· Additionally, IBM Software Support ServicePac for System x Hardware How-To provides assistance with:

· Set up, installation, configuration, and usability (“how to”) questions for your system hardware.

· Installation of system Options provided by IBM.

· Analysis of system failures to ensure that the hardware is working fault free.

· Returning the system to factory installed defaults.

· Installation, setup, and configuration of device drivers.

IBM Differentiators:

· One-stop, consistent, high-quality, cross-platform technical support.

· 24x7 support for business critical issues.

· Seamless support provided for IBM and non-IBM products.

· Linux support covers all IBM hardware platforms.

· Available coverage for hardware usability (“how to”), installation, and configuration questions.

· Microsoft coverage supports Microsoft OS and applications.

· Comprehensive VMware product coverage with either Microsoft Windows or Linux OS

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