Saturday, August 2, 2008

NEW - IBM Enterprise Rack and Expansion Rack support IBM BladeCenter and IBM System x servers

These will be replacing the current product family, very small changes based on required specifications.


The IBM Enterprise Rack is a 42U, industry-standard 19-in rack that supports BladeCenter and rack-mountable System x servers and options. This rack cabinet, the premier IBM rack offering, blends the highest-quality welded-steel construction with additional space for cable management. This robust design allows for dynamic shipment loading, assisting in reducing deployment time and associated costs.

Perforated front and rear doors improve the air flow, helping enable a fan-free rack environment.

Four sidewall compartments support installation of 1U power distribution units (PDUs) and switches without taking up valuable rack space. Front and rear rack doors and side panels include locks, helping keep your servers secure.

The front door opens approximately 170 degrees. The rear door opens approximately 110 degrees. The Enterprise Rack also supports the IBM Rear Door Heat Exchanger and IBM Acoustic Door.

Planned availability date: August 8, 2008


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