Monday, August 25, 2008

NEW - TS2900 Autoloader LTO3 or LTO4 SAS Single drive

IBM System Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader

  • 1 U form factor
  • Contains either a single
  • LTO 4 Half-High SAS Tape Drive, or
    LTO 3 Half-High SAS Tape Drive
  • One removable magazine
  • 9 cartridge slots, including a single I/O station
  • Bar code reader and Remote Management are standard
  • Total capacity up to
    7.2TB with LTO 4 (up to 14.4TB with 2:1 compression)
    3.6TB with LTO 3 (up to 7.2TB with 2:1 compression)
  • Warranty: 1Year (Customer Exchange)
§ Incorporates IBM’s new patented High Density slot technology.
§ Can be configured to run in either sequential (autoloader) mode or random (library) mode.
§ Manageable by local operator panel or remote web GUI.
§ Stand alone or rack mount configurations.
§ Supports encryption with LTO Gen 4 drives.
§ Supports WORM cartridges.

Midrange (FeatureCode) Announcement: August 26, 2008 / GA: September 5, 2008

Machine Type & Model Number: 3572 Model S3H & S4H

System X Annoucement: August 26, 2008 / GA:September 19, 2008

–TS2900: 3572S4R – LTO Gen4 SAS drive with rack mount kit
–TS2900: 3572S3R – LTO Gen3 SAS drive with rack mount kit
Express Seller:
–TS2900: 3572S4E – LTO Gen4 SAS drive with deskside covers
–TS2900: 3572S3E – LTO Gen3 SAS drive with deskside covers

IBM TS2900 Market Opportunity

Target Customer / environments
- Small businesses considering tape autoloaders or tape libraries with software for automatic backup or archive to accommodate growth and reduce manual operations.
- Small businesses that require a low TCO for storage backup.
- Customers with limited physical space.
- Customers operating in a rack environment.

Customer benefits
- Exploits LTO tape technology to help reduce backup windows.
- High capacity, high data rate.
-Provides compact footprint for space constrained environments.
- Rack mountable.
- Allows flexibility in deployment with removable magazines, barcode reader and remote management capability.
- Helps to support data security and data retention.
- On-board encryption with LTO 4.
- WORM cartridge option.

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