Thursday, August 28, 2008

NEW - IBM System x3250 M2 server

The System x3250 M2 server helps you run your business while lowering overall IT cost and complexity.

Product positioning

The all-new System x3250 M2 server is positioned as the entry 1U single-socket server of the System x rack-optimized product line - a solution designed to help reduce clients' operating costs and improve operational efficiency and business performance.

As part of the IBM family of proven solutions that balance innovation, experience, and energy for our clients' business prosperity, the x3250 M2 server has been enhanced to help clients even better address and resolve issues around business continuity, IT security and optimization, and infrastructure management and growth.

Economically designed to help clients stretch their IT dollar further by cutting costs and "going green" with a leadership combination of energy-efficiency, noise reduction, and space optimization, the x3250 M2 server does more with less, offering:

A budget-friendly entry price, small form factor, and reduced power consumption
Reliability features and optional full remote management capabilities
Flexibility to meet a wide range of general or dedicated infrastructure needs
At the same time, the x3250 M2 offers clients simplicity and value integration in an easy-to-manage, solution with up-to-date industry standard technologies that deliver the speed, agility, and flexibility essential to conducting today's on-line business, at no risk-now or in the company's future.

Available with high-performance, 64-bit processors, the System x3250 M2 server can optimize investment decisions around managing and reducing business complexity, increasing competitiveness, and improving the speed and efficiency of:

General-purpose and specialized applications
Infrastructure workloads
Appliance solutions
Target markets include small, medium, and large businesses, including Internet and Application Service Providers (OEMs) with constrained data centre environments, who are concerned about:

Lowering total cost of ownership through the power, space, and cooling characteristics
Efficiently running infrastructure applications like firewall, security, disaster recovery, name server, authentication, credit card processing, e-mail, domain controller, and more
Leveraging their consolidated IT expertise by extending senior staff's technical knowledge to remote systems via long-distance and remote systems management
Delivering performance and protection at the lowest price point, as well as remote monitoring and alerting capabilities that provide strong systems management, the System x3250 M2 solution offers:

Intel Pentium dual-core, Core 2 Duo, and Xeon processors with EM64T and dual- and quad-core models, for excellent 64-bit operation.
With EM64T 64-bit extensions, the ability to run Intel-compatible software in either 32- or 64-bit extension mode. These new extensions provide increased productivity, performance, and reliability for applications that can take advantage of 64-bit extensions by enabling them to address more memory and up to 1333 MHz FSB, which speeds up information access within the system.
Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) HDDs and PCI-Express to help enable even greater integrated I/O performance and compatibility with next-generation devices for added long-term investment protection.
Simple-swap and hot-swap HDDs that offer easy serviceability without removing the system from the rack.
Integrated hardware RAID-0 or RAID-1 without using a slot.
Rack-optimized, 1U form factor with the ability to support four 2.5-inch SAS HDDs.
Optional upgrade to the Remote Supervisor Adapter II Slimline for remote management, often even when the server is powered down.

* Ultrathin, rack-optimized, 1U high with 351-watt power supply
* Choice of Intel® processors:
o 2.20 GHz1 Intel Pentium dual-core/800 MHz FSB and 1 MB L2 cache
o 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo/1066 MHz FSB and 3 MB L2 cache
o 3.16 GHz Intel Xeon® dual-core/1333 MHz FSB with 6 MB L2 cache
o 2.66 GHz Intel Xeon quad-core/1333 MHz FSB with 6 MB L2 cache
o 2.83 GHz Intel Xeon quad-core/1333 MHz FSB with 12 MB L2 cache
* Standard 1 GB of 800 MHz PC2-6400 CL6 ECC DDR2 800 MHz DIMM system memory; 8 GB2 maximum
* Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) that supports high-speed, internal disk storage solutions, or Serial-ATA (SATA) controllers
* Two PCI-Express x8 slots
* Hardware RAID-0 and -1 support on 3.5-inch hot-swap SAS and SATA models, and RAID 1E support on 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS models or optional hardware RAID-5
* Three or five drive bays: One slim optical drive, two 3.5-inch HDDs, or four 2.5-inch (model dependent)
* 351-watt, voltage-sensing power supply
* Integrated, dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers; dual-channel SATA
* Four USB ports, two Ethernet ports, one serial port, and one video port

Planned availability date September 19, 2008

2.20GHz E2200 1 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4190B2U
2.53GHz E7200 3 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4190C2U
3.16GHz E3120 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 419042U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4190D2U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 4190D4U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS 2.5" 4190D6U
2.83GHz X3360 12 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 419082U
2.83GHz X3360 12 MB 1 GB HS SAS 2.5" 419084U

2.20GHz E2200 1 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4194B2U
2.53GHz E7200 3 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4194C2U
3.16GHz E3120 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 419442U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB SS SATA 4194D2U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 4194D4U
2.66GHz X3330 6 MB 1 GB HS SAS 2.5" 4194D6U
2.83GHz X3360 12 MB 1 GB HS SAS/SATA 419482U
2.83GHz X3360 12 MB 1 GB HS SAS 2.5" 419484U

Note: All models have a combination optical drive.

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