Saturday, August 2, 2008

NEW - Leostream Connection Broker for the IBM workstation blade


Available under System x Software.

The Leostream Connection Broker is a software-based "virtual appliance" that resides on a single server and is used to manage the connection between a CP20 workstation connection device and an HC10 workstation blade. The HC10 workstation blade comes with a Leostream Connection Broker Basic license that can be used to implement a flexible HC10 solution. The Connection Broker Basic license comes with the following features:

The Leostream Connection Broker will help IT administrators get the most value from IBM HC10/CP20 deployments with a tightly integrated hardware and software solution. The Leostream Connection Broker provides the management layer IT administrators need to centralize and consolidate IT resources in the data centre, and then create, assign, and deliver Hosted Desktops to end users. Hosted Desktops are complete, familiar, end user desktop environments created, assigned, and hosted from virtual machines, physical machines, Terminal Services sessions, or a combination of these back ends. Hosted Desktops can be also delivered to conventional "fat," thin, or Web-based clients using a flexible range of authentication and viewer protocols, and supporting security systems such as SSL VPN.

*Policy-based access to HC10s provides a flexible, secure computing environment for end-users.
*Centralized administration and management of computing resources enables more efficient use of time and resources.
*Improved resource utilization saves energy and software costs.
*Secure, flexible, high-performance access to Hosted Desktops from the datacenter.

Planned availability date: August 1, 2008

5731-LCB Leostream Connection Broker Enterprise
Per 1 User 4812L02
Per 14 Users 4812L03
Per 100 Users 4812L04
Per 1000 Users 4812L05
Per 4000 Users 4812L06
Per 10000 Users 4812L07

5731-LCB Leostream Connection Broker - 1 year Subscription
Per 1 User 4812M02
Per 14 Users 4812M03
Per 100 Users 4812M04
Per 1000 Users 4812M05
Per 4000 Users 4812M06
Per 10000 Users 4812M07

Leostream Connection Broker Basic - Subscription Renewal
Per 1 Authorized User - 1 Year 4812M01

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