Monday, August 11, 2008

ServicePaks - Questions you might have?

If you have had any questions concerning servicePak, hopefully this will answer most.

1. Can a post warranty servicepaq be ordered if the end users warranty has already expired?


2. Where is the best place for me to go to find the part numbers for these post warranty Servicpaqs.

ServicePac Product Matrix

3. Are the part numbers for the Servicepaq the same even if the customer has already expired?

Prior to original warranty expiration, customer can purchase Warranty upgrade ServicePacs.After original warranty expiration, customer can purchase Post Warranty ServciePacs.

4. Do we need to have the units have some sort of inspection or assessment done before we order?

Not usually. However, after the customer registers the ServicePac, if an assessment is needed, IBM will contact the customer directly.

5. Is there a link I can have that I can use for reference on the details of servicpaqs?

6. If the customer purchases a post warranty servicepac and they have already expired does this new post warranty servicepaq back date to the day that the original warranty expires or does it start on date of purchase?

The Post Warranty ServicePac starts on the date of purchase.We do not "back date" it to when the original warranty expired.

If you have any other questions, please drop us a line.

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