Monday, November 10, 2008

INFORMATION - IBM BladeCenter Information Center

Introducing the information center

The Systems Information Center provides a broad and integrated view of the product information for IBM systems products. In the past, you had to know where to find the information about which product feature. If you looked in the wrong location, you didn't find an answer. The Systems Information Center simplifies your search by integrating information about many systems products into a single portal -- a major step toward a one-stop shop for explanations about how to use IBM products and solutions.

Features of the information center include:

· Narrowing a search:

If your initial search finds too much information, you can narrow the search by picking subjects of interest -- the hardware platform, operating system, software application, type of task, and so on. The information center displays the subset of articles matching the search that are about the combination of subjects.

· Searching alternatives:

If a narrowed search does not match any information, the information center lets you know which subjects to deselect to get results.

· Setting filtering preferences:

You can set filtering preferences if you are always interested in some subjects to the exclusion of other subjects. For instance, if you are interested exclusively in AIX and System p, you can hide the i5/OS, Linux, and System i content when you view or search information. To filter the information, you sign in to the information center using your usual IBM account, select the Preferences link, and choose the subjects that you want to see. Thereafter, whenever you sign in, the information center hides the information about the subjects that you don't want to see. You can toggle off filtering at any time, however, to broaden your view and search to the full product information.

· Searching other resources:

While searching the product information in the information center, you can run the same search on the Redbooks or Service and Support sites to look for other available information. Pick the appropriate link next to the search box, and the information center runs the same query on the other resource.

· Annotating:

You can expand our information by adding your own notes -- for instance, recording additional tips for performing tasks in your environment. Because you sign in before creating notes, no one else can see your notes.

Click the links in the navigation pane to see specific details about these functions and features.

We expect to continue to improve the Systems Information Center by integrating the information about more products and solutions and continuing to improve search to make it easier for you to find answers and keep productive and successful.


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