Monday, November 10, 2008

INFORMATION - Question of the WEEK - Upgrading my DS4800

Question of the week:

I’m upgrading my DS4800 to the latest version of firmware this weekend. I just downloaded the 10.30 storage manager to start upgrading the servers first, and noticed that the scripts for enabling and disabling array migration were not included in the scripts directory. All the other scripts are still there. I know we’re planning on adding more storage, so what should I do? Should I save them from the 10.10 StorageManager package, where I know they were included, or is there new ones being generated?

Answer of the week:

The functionality of the controller firmware has changed between the 6.x release and the 7.x release. The enabledrivemigration and disabledrivemigration scripts are no longer necessary with firmware version 7.x. In the 6.x and earlier firmware, the drives would be incorporated on insertion. This meant that the license information and array definitions would automatically be incorporated. If you didn’t want the old information, and didn’t disable the migration feature, there would be extra clean-up steps, and other maintenance would need to be performed. With the 7.x code, none of the licenses or other information in incorporated. Only the array and logical drive definitions/data are migrated. If you don’t want to migrate the data, then simply do not import the array set (initialize the drive instead).

The scripts were included in earlier releases of the storage manager because they were often used for older versions of the DS4000 systems that cannot be upgraded to 7.x firmware (DS4500/DS4300/etc). Those systems would still require the scripts to smoothen the process of adding capacity to the storage subsystem (especially since the drives may be previously deployed).

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