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NEW - VMware Management and Automation products

VMware Management and Automation products
Announce Date: October 28, 2008
General Availability Date: November 7, 2008

VMware Management and Automation products offer enhanced virtual machine management capabilities, helping lower total cost of ownership. The Management and Automation products include Lifecycle Manager, Lab Manager, Stage Manager, and Site Recovery Manager.

VMware Lifecycle Manager allows you to implement a consistent, automated workflow for provisioning, operating, and decommissioning virtual machines. Lifecycle Manager automates the steps within the workflow to improve efficiency and productivity, and to help comply with internal company policies.


    • Employ standardization and best practices for tracking and managing virtual machine deployment and use.
    • Help eliminate manual and repetitive administrative tasks through automation.
    • Help prevent virtual machine sprawl and respond to IT compliance needs.
    • Leverage existing tools such as VMware VirtualCenter, change management software, and IT process and runbook automation tools.

VMware Lab Manager provides a rapid provisioning portal and image library management system to automate the setup and teardown of multimachine software configurations. VMware Lab Manager tightly integrates with VMware Infrastructure and VMware VirtualCenter to help increase service levels and simplify lab administration across multiple teams, projects, and geographies from a central location.


    • Help reduce server sprawl and equipment-related capital and operating costs.
    • Help reduce provisioning times for single- and multitiered system configurations.
    • Help increase resource availability, streamline processes, and improve productivity.
    • Help improve communication and collaboration among geographically distributed teams.
    • Simplify administration of corporate lab infrastructure for the entire organization.

VMware Stage Manager allows IT service delivery teams to visualize, manage, and automate service transition activities, streamlining the resources and processes required to move an IT service or business application from one stage to another during preproduction. VMware Stage Manager works in concert with VMware Lifecycle Manager and VMware Lab Manager to automate the entire IT service delivery process, from developing, testing, and staging to deploying, monitoring, changing, and eventually retiring an IT service.


    • Help reduce time spent rolling out new or upgrading existing services.
    • Help accelerate the completion of change requests to production systems.
    • Help more easily respond to change and release management procedures.
    • Help increase the resource utilization efficiency of services hosted on VMware Infrastructure.
    • Maintain accurate replicas of production systems.
    • Help ensure consistency between stages of the release process.
    • Help reduce infrastructure costs through more efficient use of hardware resources.
    • Help keep a history of service configuration changes.

VMware Site Recovery Manager helps with disaster recovery. Site Recovery Manager delivers centralized management of recovery plans and automates the recovery process. It turns complex paper runbooks associated with traditional disaster recovery into an integrated element of virtual infrastructure management and helps organizations to improve recovery plan testing.


    • Help accelerate recovery by automating execution of failover.
    • Simplify the creation and management of recovery plans.
    • Help improve the reliability of recovery plans by simplifying recovery and testing.
    • Help improve disaster recovery documentation and testing requirements.

Existing VMware Management and Automation products customers with valid support and subscription contracts will receive the new products and features included in each edition at no additional cost.

For additional details on features and packaging of VMware Management and Automation products, refer to


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4817S89 Sub only VMware Site Recovery Mgr - 1 Socket - 1 Year 279.00

4817S90 Sub only VMware Lab Manager - 1 Socket - 1 Year 204.00

4817S91 Sub only VMware Life Cycle Mgr - 1 Socket - 1 Year 144.00

4817S92 Sub only VMware Stage Manager - 1 Socket - 1 Year 204.00

4817T89 Sub only VMware Site Recovery Mgr - 1 Socket - 3 Year 839.00

4817T90 Sub only VMware Lab Manager - 1 Socket - 3 Year 619.00

4817T91 Sub only VMware Life Cycle Mgr - 1 Socket - 3 Year 429.00

4817T92 Sub only VMware Stage Mgr - 1 Socket - 3 Year 619.00

4817V89 VMware Site Recovery Manager - 1 Socket - License only 1989.00

4817V90 VMware Lab Manager - 1Socket - License only 1474.00

4817V91 VMware Life Cycle Manager - 1 Socket - License only 1019.00

4817V92 VMware Stage Manager - 1 Socket - License only 1474.00

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