Tuesday, February 10, 2009

COMPARE and WIN with IBM - x3650 vs DL380 G5

IBM System x3650 VS HP DL380 G5


  • The System x3650 supports the new ServeRAID-VAULT adapter that encrypts data on the hard drive. Even if the drive is stolen or disposed of improperly, the data remains secure. The encryption is hardware-based and does not cause performance degradation like software-based encryption.
  • IBM provides Enhanced Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) on hot-swap fans, power supplies, processors, hard drives, memory, and voltage regulator modules. HP only provides PFA on hard drives, processors, and memory.
  • The x3650 comes standard with one external SAS connector. To gain an external SAS port on the DL380 G5, HP’s customers must purchase one of the optional Smart Array controllers ($199 and up).
For more information contact the IBM team @ Tech Data - ibmsolutions@techdata.ca / 877-925-9983

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