Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question of the WEEK - DS Storage Simulator

This simulator that IBM and LSI have put together is a great selling tool. You can prove to your clients just how easy it is to configure and make changes to your SAN product without damaging the real thing. This can also be used to train your staff how to get the IBM DS3000/4000/5000 products up and running before going to your clients. This is also a great tool for you clients to learn how to manager their new storage products, again without damaging the real install.

Question of the week:

I’ve been looking on PartnerWorld for the latest simulators, but have had no luck finding them. The latest I have are Pre-7.x code, so there is no RAID6. I also don’t have any that show the DS5100 or the DS5300. Is there a newer version available, and if so, where?

Answer of the week:

I’m not exactly sure where the simulators are on PartnerWorld also. There are two newer versions of the simulator available.

One version has simulators for the DS3200/DS3300/DS3400/DS4700/DS5000(?).

The second version has just the DS4000’s and DS5000 systems.

I’ve posted both versions on my website, so I know exactly where you can get them.

Simulators DS3000 & DS4000

As always, I am available to host a webex to cover the simulators if so desired, just let me know. I also highly suggest that you play with the simulators for a while before performing a demo, or giving them to customers (so you can answer questions that will arise).

A message from:

James Latham

DS3000/DS4000 Product Specialist

Storage Solutions Engenio Storage Group

LSI Logic Corporation

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