Thursday, February 5, 2009

NEW - IBM S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack

IBM S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack and Expansion Rack support IBM BladeCenter and IBM System x servers


The IBM Dynamic Expansion Rack, a 42U, industry-standard 19-inch rack, complements the IBM Dynamic Standard Rack with additional rack-mounting space.

IBM S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack - 9956-4RX

This 42U-high rack conforms to the EIA-310-D industry standard for 19-inch, type A rack cabinets, and has outriggers (stabilizers) allowing for movement of a loaded rack. Features include:

  • Thermal optimization supports high heat and power loads.
  • A perforated front door allows air flow for a fan-free environment.
  • Six side-wall compartments support 1U-high power distribution units (PDUs) and switches without taking up valuable rack space.
  • A cable management system includes a cable channel that runs from top to bottom along with convenient cable management rings.
  • Easy to install and remove side panels are a standard feature.
  • The racks simplify ordering and shipping.
  • The front door can be hinged on either side, providing flexibility to open in either direction.
  • A split rear door improves serviceability and access.
  • Front and rear doors and side panels include locks and keys to help secure servers.
  • Heavy duty casters with the use of outriggers (stabilizers) for added stability allow movement of even large loads.
  • IBM S2 42U Dynamic Expansion Rack - 9956-4XX

This S2 rack provides an excellent solution for creating rack suites to economically support multiple servers and supporting devices.

It contains the same features as the S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack with the exception that, as an expansion cabinet, it does not require or include side panels. Instead of side panels, it includes rack attachment hardware as a standard feature to simplify:

  • Ordering
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Setup of complex rack-suite or baying installations

Planned availability date: March 2, 2009


IBM S2 42U Dynamic Standard Rack 9956-4RX
IBM S2 42U Dynamic Expansion Rack 9956-4XX

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