Monday, February 23, 2009

NEWS - Good time for Virtualization

I thought this was a great piece that was posted on ItBusiness several months ago and thought it needed a 2nd look.

For example, if you have 10 desktops on a single server, you don't need 40 gig of memory. Because end user machines are very spiky in terms of usage and, frankly, under-utilized 99 percent of the time, a smaller amount of resource is required on the server. In other words, the resources can be multiplexed. This is financially savvy for two reasons: (1) Due to the multiplexing effect, you don't need to buy as much total resource capacity as you would if you were provisioning individual end points, each with sufficient capacity to support a Vista environment; and (2) buying in bulk for servers is, up to a certain point, less expensive than buying the same amount of capacity for individual end devices-in essence, you're paying wholesale rather than retail (so to speak) for hardware capacity.

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